Flocking machines

The flocking machine serves to coat profiles with synthetic fibres. In the flock heads transport brushes put the synthetic fibres through a sifter, which load up the fibres electrostatically. After passing the sifters the flock is only recognizable as fog, which flies directly to the profile.
An accurate adjusted air conditioning system, special sifters, adapted guide rails and controlled high voltage cascades guarantee qualitative flocking.
Reflectors allow flocking the profile from bottom side. Hardly reachable areas e.g. profile lips can be flocked with this method.
The cleaning machine behind the flocking machine removes lose flock fibres by nozzles with connection to compressed air.
The flock flies through in a closed system. Flock, which doesn´t stick in the adhesion or lies beside the adhesion goes back to the flock storage tank.
Optionally all supply connections are pluggable. So one control unit and air conditioning unit can be used for different flocking machines. That means it is possible to use different synthetic fibres in one production line. An intermixture is foreclosed.
Technical specifications:
- High voltage cascades, 95kV, 250µA
- Sifters for 1.7 - 3.3 dtex flock
- Air conditioning unit - Temperature: 20°C, Humidity: 45% - 65%