Drilling machines

Our drilling machines work with a fixed drilling module and keep up sensor or with a flying module and incremental position encoder. Therefore you can drill flexible or non-elastic profiles.
The drilling spindles allow an easy and precise adjustment. Adjustable are height, depth and angularity. Position displays on every axis enable to specify profile schemes. Therefore you can find for every profile standard adjustments.

Electrical drilling spindles with ceramic bearings and a speed of max. 80.000 rpm drill the holes into the profile. An intelligent motor control ensures by permanent monitoring of the rotor position a resting and efficient drilling operation. On that score you will have with every drill a qualitative hole.

Technical specifications:
- Drilling spindles, Speed: max.: 80.000 RPM, Power: 0,5 kW .
- Tool diameter: max.: 4,0 mm
- Adjustable holding fixtures
- Siemens Operation Panel