Punching machines

With our punching machines you can realize every profile cutting method, which is needed for your product. Our punching machines work with fixed modules or with flying modules. Therefore you can cut flexible or non elastic profiles. A system of pluggable connections and pneumatic lockings allows you to change the cassettes without any other tools.
A pulling machine transports the profile into the punching machine. Electively a servo motor or a three phase motor is used as drive.
A punching module with exchangeable cassettes enables the cutting of profiles without carrier and the cutting of contours. The proceeding ways are realized by cylinders or servo motors.
The cassettes can be  changed with a lifting cart and placed down in a storage cabinet.
A conveyer belt  in the machine  transports the profile remains of the punching process automatically out of the machine.
Following to the punching cassette a conveyer belt transports the cutted profiles to the profile ejector.